February 6, 2008

Hey all, i’ve moved back to my former blog,

February 6, 2008

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It’s been a while

January 11, 2008

Hey people! It’s really been a while since I put any life in here, and I’m glad that I’m posting sth with my Macbook!Sweeeeeeeet.Anyway, nothing much have been going on except for that I’ve been staying with abt 7 of my friends in an apartment in Burlington Square a lot, and it’s really fun, exciting, dramatic almost every night!It’s like a Singapore’s edition of Friends.I swear.There’re rivariies at times, love, relationship, bitching, backstabbing at times, quarrels, poitical shits. HAHABut everything become well n good at the end n not forgetting, lots of parties… Too much.  And now I’m back with my own house to have a real proper rest n shits like that, and I’m glad I dun have to squeeze with 2-3 other people on a single bed for a night. And I kinda hate myself now since holidays ended that I havent do my holiday work now n I think i might fail last semester! DAMN YOU FUMING! To think I actually got drunk on the third day school reopend n fell asleep in the bathtub, sweeeeet.Now for my new year resolution that’s real overdue. 1) Finally get a girlfriend, I’m not rushing thou .That’s about it, if I’m to add.   2) Getting back to workout that I havent do since Christmas. And number 3) I promise I wouldn’t get drunk again n puke because it made me feel shit afterwards every single time and I hate myself for that. 4) Cut down smoking, it really made me hate myself for smoking that much. 5) Fulfill all 4 resolutions, I dun wanna die this year. 

That much

October 28, 2007

If you’re reading that’s how much it hurts.



October 27, 2007

Hey everyone!

It seems like 348395731 years.

Anyway, a lot happened recently, there’re cool shits happening, and some really fucking annoying damn issues coming up into my life. But who dosent have them anyway?

And school still remain cool, the dirtier the studio, the happier I am! I can’t stand too neat place. HAH!

AHHH! And I’m so damn depressed these few days. Because I got an haircut. The emo look is gone, and I’ve gone really emo. 😦

Man, I hate cutting hair. I should have trust that auntie to just “trim a bit”. AHHHHH! So Fugly can! Ok la.. som epeople say it’s nice. But then. I like the previous better.

so depressed so depressed so depressedsodepressed pressed pressed my ass.


Speaking of FUCK!

It’s an action word.

descriptive word.

expressive word.

funny word

offensive word

rude word

friendly word

interesting word

vulgar word

free word


And I think I’m in love! No wait, that’s fast. Let’s choose a nice date! Like I’m gonna get my hot girlfriend on nov 30th, then dump her exactly on christmas. And I’ll give her to Aaron.

Then Aaron will cook me pie.

And maybe we’ll go Bangkok together n live happily ever after as freally fucking lame friends.


October 25, 2007









September 23, 2007

I’m really busy :)

September 18, 2007

For some of you guys whom msged me or msned or friendster me, I might not even reply them nowadays because I swear I’m just interested om hooking up and chatting with hot girls only now.

Just kidding 🙂

But the truth is, I’m really busy nowadaye. I mean, i have to like stay in sch untill past 10pm? And went home to do all the shit reasearch and everything burning my whole night. Then sleep for a few hours when the sun rise, missing a few impt lessons along the way, go to school again, meet up my proj mates, skip the lesson for the whole day just so that we can have more time to complete our proj. Then repeat. And PLUS there’s a lot of pending assignments n draawings n such. FUCK!

So yesterday I havent really slept, and I’m like a zombie now, tonight, I’m NOT gonna sleep too, tomorrow’s deadline, and DEADline kills.. I’m so gonna be a zombie tomorrow..


September 8, 2007

Hey! Everyone!

Thanks for hopping by my blog again, and I bet you’re kinda “phew, there’s sth to read now”. Heh!

So let me update all the way from the start of school.

So Lasalle was fun. It’s a total different experience. I certainly feel like a freeman.

But that also means I gotta be responsible with my own actions.

My timetable sux, but school’s fun. Look, I got to be in sch every mon-thur till the evening abt 5.30-6!! Except for friday of course, I can go home early. But then the schedule is really slack. Like on monday, I’ll have like 4 hours of break. DAMMMNNN.

But It’s really relaxing, we’re free to do almost anything. Answering calls, SMS during lesson, just walk out as and when you like, on loud music during lesson, sing along, dance along, and I think MAYBE make out with your friends, I haven tried that.

Plus! It’s always cool to be telling my friends the uber cool black building, probably the BEST building in this region in recent years, is MY SCHOOL! And there’s a lot of tourists dropping by and go “wow, that’s a school?!” Heh! I’m a showoff!

And there’s this fake grass patch in the middle of the school, kinda above normal gorund level, so it’s very very cooling, we students would like to sit there, lie down, sleep, draw, chat, stuff like that. Academically the school’s pace is kinda fast, but we as students just enjoy the laid back environment 😛

Guess what, I haven even complete any assignment completely since week 1. LOL Because they’ll only be graded at the end of the year. Man! 

Anyway, I’m getting along kinda well with my clique in school. At first I’m a little reserved, and now I’m gotten used to them almost completely, having some fun times together all the time. They’re relly a crazy n fun n coool bunch! And pictures everyday! It’s like “photography project” but it’s just “picture fun” actually. LOL.

So today I had an off day, I make myself absent from sch on thursday because of some freakign sore throat, headache, fever shit. And it didn’t stop and untill now, Saturday. DAMMMN. And I swear I can’t talk now. My throat is dying.

Sleeping whole day, curtain drawn, songs playing from the labtop, I’m just feeling soooo emo today! lalalalalalalala.

Till the next one, MUACKS.(lol) 

I dun like DXO

September 1, 2007

And I dun like underage party.

And I dun like to be the quiet boy.

But it’s still cool to be partying and a funny guy.

The REAL cool thing is my new black skinnies. 🙂